After studying Media and Drama at Churchdown Sixth Form/Arts College, Joe's adoration for film and adulation for travelling lead him to Vancouver Film School. In 2009 VFS were "truly impressed" by the strength of his submission and he was accepted to start a course in Film Production in 2010. Unfortunately, plans had to be halted before he started although he hopes to begin the course in the near future.

In the meantime Joe moved to Plymouth, UK, to study Film Arts (BA) at Plymouth College of Art and is a member of the South-west Screenwriters Group. During his time in Plymouth he has written, directed, shot and acted in a number of student films as well as professional projects.

During the Summer of 2012, Joe was a video specialist and counselor at Camp Modin in Maine, USA. Along with his team he  shot and edited weekly videos for the parents to see how much fun the kids were having at the prestigious Jewish Summer Camp. He will be returning in the summer of '13 as Head of Media.

Joe worked for Claire Twomey, Ceramicist, whilst she was the in-house artist at the V&A Museum and doing an installation at Plymouth Museum. The film was a short documentary about the Plymouth installation and some of her other current projects. 

Joe has also been cinematographer and co-producer for Chris Dowty, manager and owner of Accommodation for Students Plymouth. Joe and Adam Nash, shot videos of each of Chris' houses to be shown on the website for customers to view the rooms before visiting them. 


Kelsey Fox (
Director, Editor (Clare Twomey) Offline Editor, Sound Recordist (Grow Up)

Personal Bio:

Kelsey Fox (b.05/12/1991) is a Plymouth-based BA (Hons) Film Arts degree student who has aspirations to become a professional film and television editor. She has spent her 5 years of study making short films and researching further into her chosen specialism, hoping to move onto a Masters Degree in post production editing at Bournemouth University after she graduates in 2013 . One of her short films, 'Tom & Jenna', a 10 minute documentary exploring the theme of religion and friendship, won her the Raindance Independent Film Festival Emerging Talent Award in 2010.


Role in Standby Productions:

Clare Twomey; Plymouth In Porcelain - Director, Editor

"I was both the director and editor for this project. When asked who I would want to be my sound and camera operator, I could think of no two better people to work with than Joe and Adam. Instead of there being any set hierarchical dynamic, as with a lot of the projects we work on together we all put our heads together and gave equal input, ending up with a film that was very well received by our commissioner and general audience."

Grow Up - Offline Editor, Sound Recordist 

"This was a very fun project to work on and it was made easier by Joe's brilliant script. I thoroughly enjoyed being the offline editor for the project and was glad to be involved in the shoot as well." 

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